I created TagJournal to solve two problems for myself. I wanted to be able to write a quick journal entry just about anywhere, any time, and in my old journals it was too hard to find things. I wanted an electronic journal where entries would be tagged in a way to make them easy to find.

Write almost anywhere

If you have an internet or Wi-Fi connection, you can write in your journal using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Write in your journal instead of flipping through magazines at the doctor's office, while waiting at the airport, or sitting on the bus.

Tag Management

Tag every journal entry by Person, Place, Category and/or Feeling using the built in tags or set up your own.

Easy searching

Search by date, keyword or tag to quickly find the entries that you need.

Read almost anywhere

Simply select the year and your entries are then presented by month.


See your average mood over time as well as the total entries tagged by feelings.

Back up to PDF

You can save your journal entries to a PDF file at any time. It is always a good idea to keep a backup of important files and your journal is very important!

Average Mood this month

% Feelings reported this month