Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone else see my journal?

No, not unless you give them your password or leave your screen open!

Will you read my journal?


Do you have an app?

No, the site is designed to work well on all devices. I have become aware that there is an App by the same name that someone else has written on the Apple App Store for iPad/iPhone devices. This app looks great and if you have an iPhone or iPad you should check it out but it is not related to this web-based journal.

Can you produce graphs about my entries

I do have some graphing and reporting planned to let you see for example your day ratings and feelings over time.

Can I upload photos and videos into my journal?

No, that would require that I pay to host them on my server and I can't afford that with the site being free. TagJournal is designed to help you with old-style journalling, where you focus more on words and less on selfies.

This sort of system would be great for...

As you are using TagJournal you may realise that this sort of system could be applied to a different purpose. For example, I am going to use the same idea to build a Justice of the Peace log book. If you have a brilliant idea for another application, please let me know.

My Other Sites

LDS Conventions is a free event management system that will help you to manage your Convention or Event. This could include YSA, SA, RS, EFY/FSY, Stake Ball, Women's Conference or any other type of event. It can connect with the church payment gateway (in Australia), or you can enter bank details or other instructions for attendees to manually make payment.

LDS Callings is a free calling request tracking program that will help you to manage the process of requesting and approving Stake and Ward callings and Priesthood ordinations.